Day off vs Day off

Lazy Day

day off – noun: a day when you are not required to work

At least that’s how the dictionary defines it.  This is how my job defines it:


Just in case something comes up, mind you.  Something like.. oh I don’t know, a busted bathroom, a computer virus, the office on fire… you get the drift.

By the way, what you don’t see is that the cell phone is to my ear as I listen to the solemn drone of a male’s voice sternly preaching loyalty, and dedication.

When he rings off I will sigh deeply, and take one more moment to watch the play of sun across the water then I will shut the laptop, grab my towel, and get up.  I will head across the warm sand,  up the steps and inside; shower, don something suitably professional, grab the car keys, briefcase with my laptop and cell, and head to an emergency meeting that will last till 10 pm.

Wanting to strangle the alarm clock in the morning, I will rise, dress for the office and head to work.  Once there I will smile at the well wisher’s questions and assure everyone I had a wonderful ‘day off’……

In my world, the dictionary should define ‘day off’ as the few moments of a lazy day where you are blissfully, unrealistically sure that this time, this particular moment of doing nothing is gonna last 24 hours.