Bayou Sauvage – Chapter 3


The bus pulled into the depot, and sluggishly deposited it’s content of travelers into the humid, mosquito clouded night of another Louisiana dirt water town. Katriana shifted the baseball cap on her head pulling it lower against the brassy lights of the terminal’s street lamps as she pulled her overnight case behind her away from the crowd and into the shadows.

With the exception of her overnight case dragging along concrete she moved quietly until the warmth of human conversation faded and only the intermittent sounds of a town asleep touched her ears.  Abruptly she lifted the overnight case and moved through the shadows till she found what she had been looking for, the stench of mud as the tide receded, and the disheveled shadows of a dock long abandoned.

Tossing the bag over the side her whispered snarl interrupted the quiet lapping of water, ‘it’s the last time.’  Her hands jammed into her jeans pockets, ‘I’ve repaid my father’s debt!’  Her eyes attempted to peel back the shadows to reveal the man.  She needed to know he understood, no more.


The simple word, spoken without anger, without acknowledgement hit her with the force of a middleweight fighter in the stomach.  She gasped bent slightly as footsteps drew near, and the tall silhouette of a male closed the distance, slender fingers tugging the ball cap from her head.

Midnight curls sprung – released from their confinement – to bounce in a madcap dance about her head as a slender finger lifted her chin to meet the steely gaze of it’s owner.  ‘Not until, I say it’s done is it done.’

She pushed his hand away, and stepped back her eyes filled with hatred, ‘you can’t make me do these runs.’

He smiled, his hands slipping along suit material to find his pockets, ‘Kitty,’ she grimaced at the nickname he gave her, ‘Kitty’ his smile turned lethal as she felt her arms grabbed and her body lifted on level with his eyes, ‘you really should learn not to scratch the hand that pets you..’

Hard knuckles tore through the corner of her mouth as her head jerked back with the blow, ‘Asshole’ she muttered forcing herself to look back at him as she licked the blood from the corner of her lip.

‘You have no idea,’ he grinned before turning to leave, ‘but you will,’ she shuddered in the hands that held her as back to her he lifted his hand and waggled his index finger at her, ‘you will.’

The next blow took her unaware, sinking her into oblivion.

Drabble Word Count: 428