laugh at oneself

You know, I really was struck by the quote I shared in my post ‘This Life’, but I gotta admit to realizing two things after re-reading my additional little blogadoh;

1 – I was stuck in cliche hell that particular moment – no as I think about it, the whole dog-gone day!   And ..

2 – My fingers are driven by what ever is going on around me at the time, and at the moment I wrote the last post I was starved!!  Ice cream? Beer? Chocolate eclairs? … or maybe it was one of ‘those’ moments, you know … those moments?

Oh what’s ‘blogadoh‘?  It’s Inky speak for meandering words that try to sound erudite, and worldly – the emphasis being on ‘try’- with a final resolution of a, Fail.

Gotta laugh at yourself…