It’s October,  did you know this was the death month of Harry Houdini?  No? Well how about….

  • Houdini is a stage name, his real name was Erik Weisz, americanized to Ehrich Weiss upon entering the US.
  • He was born in Hungary in March 1874, not Appleton, Wisconsin as popularly believed.
  • He died October 31st, that’s right Halloween, of peritonitis from a ruptured appendix in Detroit’s Grace Hospital and not due to the failure of a Chinese water tank trick.
  • Did the permitted punches of a McGill college student to Houdini’s stomach or poisoning from a band of angry spiritualist contribute to his untimely death? Its unknown.  It is known that Houdini was suffering from appendicitis prior to the college student’s punches, the rest is speculation.
  • Finally, he and his wife are buried separately in different counties in New York state against her wishes because of the remaining families’ religious beliefs.  He was Jewish, she was Christian and her surviving family believed she would not go to heaven if buried by his side in a jewish cemetery.
  • Most of Houdini’s props and effects are owned by David Copperfield.

Oh and one more thing, the above stamp was commemorated in 2002 and has a secret.   With a special view finder that was once only available at the US Post Office, you could see a second picture of Houdini in chains.

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