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The most famous of the Last of the Summer Wine...
The most famous of the Last of the Summer Wine trios: From left to right: Peter Sallis as Norman Clegg, Brian Wilde as “Foggy” Dewhurst and Bill Owen as “Compo” Simmonite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inky’s Thoughts: I love Last of the Summer Wine.  A group of aging friends pulling off immature pranks while rousting up the neighborhood is pure entertainment to me.  But what is really, really good about this British sitcom is the banter…

Foggy: Look, we’ve got to help Sid to regain the prestige he’s lost in Ivy’s eyes. We’ve got to build him up, image-wise. See, at the moment, she’s inclined to see him as…well, as something of a big dick.

Clegg: Why is that do you think?

Foggy: Well, in my opinion, it’s due almost entirely to the fact that…he is something of a big dick.

Clegg: Which leaves us with a problem.

Foggy: True, yes.

Clegg: Well as long as we’re not changing him entirely. The nicest people I know have always been something of a big dick.

Foggy: No not at all, not at all, No. All we have to do is alter Ivy’s opinion of him a bit, that’s all.

Clegg: Well that’s all right then. As long as you’re not asking me to contribute towards reducing society’s most precious commodity. There are far too many, boring, serious beggars about. We need all the big daft dicks we can get.

Foggy: Don’t worry there still will be a few about.

Compo: I wonder who sells frilly garters?

Foggy: See what I mean?

Source: Last of the Summer Wine – Vintage 1982

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