Halloween Countdown – Day 5

zombie-apocalypseHalloween is rapidly approaching and I’m one of those people that is OCD when it comes to being prepared.  Here’s my list:

Decorations – Check,

Costume – Check,

Badly carved pumpkins with candles – Check,


Weird scream-filled-scary noises CD – Check,

Candy, the good kind, Snickers, Milky Ways, Heath Bars – Check,

Supply Stockpile:

  • Walther P99, with a nearly inexhaustible stock of silver bullets – Check
  • Leather bag filled with sharpened stakes – Check
  • Bathtub & Washing machine filled with Holy Water – Check
  • Zombie Apocalypse kit – Check.

That oughta do it, never can be too prepared, know what I mean?

Illustration: solarseven