Fog People


“There are your fog people & your sun people,” he said. I said I wasn’t sure which kind I was.

He nodded. “Fog’ll do that to you…”

Source: Brian Andreas, Story People

Photo: Larisa Koshkina

Inky’s take: You know I don’t mind a pea soup fog, or just a few remaining tatters that the sun hasn’t gotten to yet.  That wispy stuff though, I mind.

Maybe it was a fairy tale or two when I was young.  Or a horror story or two when I was an adult.  Either way the notion worms its way into my tiny imaginative brain as I watch fog curl in wisps around trees, floating in combined tatters above the ground; that just beyond, something is standing, waiting for it’s opening to the unwary.

Like the post man, fog tendrils clinging to his uniform as he tries to deliver a handful of bills. (shivers) See, scary!!!