What. The. Hey!

I’ve mentioned it before, the house is in renovations.  One of those projects involves housing for the various animals that call the Inky Spread their home. Somehow, they all find their way to our little corner of the world and simply move in to stay.  They stay forever, or just long enough to build up their strength and head off again knowing if they show up later, they are welcome. Usually they have some kind of health problem when they show, which requires vet bills, or a little nursing which is how the five permanent residents found their way here.  So to accommodate them during the winters since they are outside animals, shelters are being built.   That’s the background to this little story.

See when I got up, dressed and headed out to the car to hit the road for the long commute, I discovered this (points down)

photo by Inky

That folks is the project called cat condos, and the ‘face’ on the back? I have no earthly idea.  I know this much, the eyes glowed brighter than the rest of the face, and it stopped me in my tracks.  Literally.  I had a hard time catching my breath!

Now logically, it’s prolly a reflection.  Right?  Except in front of the project is nothing to cast the reflection.  So maybe the top? That’s corrugated plastic stuff.  The inside is empty. We tried disrupting the reflection or finding its source with no results. So… ?  Only thing I know to support the reflection theory is that it slowly slid down the back of the condo as we stood there and watched.   (Yeah I was late for work, but who’s gonna miss something like this?)

It’s interesting that the reflection has the form of a cat, isn’t it?

Perhaps Bastet was blessing Coon, Tiger, Smudge, Simba, and Bella’s homes? Who knows.  All I know is it was one of those rare moments, one of those rare things that simply defied the four of us, and any attempt to apply the logic.   And that my dear readers was fascinating!