Wings.. wings.. wings..


A cool wind blows
And the light is naked and nameless
And the rocks are faces of angels
And the bird in the sky wheels
And cries to forget the earth
And its ancient bones –
Oh, sensual pain –
Wings…. Wings…. Wings,
Singing wings.

If only I could begin
To describe the emptiness
Which fills me to the brim
With new breath

I might almost lose my name
And take instead a feather for my soul.

Source:  Jay Woodman, excerpt from ‘Breath ‘ from Blue Bridge.

Art: by Gawrifort @ Deviant Art 

Inky’s Thoughts: Today is grey.  Wet.  Chilled.  Lonely.  Demanding cups of honey sweetened tea, flickering fires, and stacks of books against a favorite easy chair, swaddled with a blanket around me….