Everybody knows…

fruit_dragon_by_staplesart-d63l8r4……who dragons are.

They are enormous,fierce,bloodthirsty creatures appearing in fairy tales and legends primarily as accessories, functioning mainly to set of the bravery of the knights challenging them. Dragons are obscure,mysterious characters described only in broad terms, little more than foils to enhance a hero’s valor.

Dragons though are much more than this. They are intelligent and educated creatures who lead enthralling lives..

Source: H.G. Ciruelo Cabral

Art: Staplesart @ Deviant Art

Inky’s Take: And evidently they’re the little thieves that have been in my orchard!

Today I will finish the grandbabies’ fairy tale, which features dragons, of course, a request from my grandson as well as mermaids, fae, elves, pirates, and of all things a magic key, courtesy of my youngest grandchild.   Then it’s off to the editor, and then to be bound.  Little bits of imagination woven together at the request of a child…

Family, what a marvelous bit of magic!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!