December Zombie?


“She looked around. “Oh, I’ve just got to hug somebody! You!” And she hugged Puck, the little ghost horse.

“And you.” She hugged Pook, and Peek, and even the nose of the moat monster.

“But not you,” she decided, encountering the zombie.

Source: Piers Anthony, Crewel Lye

Art: PReilly @ Deviant Art

Inky’s Thoughts:  Isn’t the zombie drawing, epic?  I’d hug him… after he was muzzled of course, (studies the zombie) maybe a bag over his head… a little Febreze… mmmm… yep, I’d hug him.

Why am I doing zombie’s in December?  Maybe it’s because I just got the entire Xanth series for a family member for Christmas?

Yeah… (eyeing the drawing) that’s my explanation and I’m sticking with it!