Eloa’s story….


“What does Éloa mean?”

He narrowed his gaze, answered her literally. “It’s the name of an angel.”

Penelope tilted her head, thinking. “I’ve never heard of him.”

“You wouldn’t have.”

“Was he a fallen angel?”

“She was, yes.” He hesitated, not wanting to tell her the story, but unable to stop himself. “Lucifer tricked her into falling from heaven.”

“Tricked her how?”

He met her gaze. “She fell in love with him.”

Penelope’s eyes widened. “Did he love her?”

Like an addict loves his addiction. “The only way he knew how.”

She shook her head. “How could he trick her?”

“He never told her his name.”

Source: Sarah MacLean, A Rogue by Any Other Name

Photo: Found @ Layout Sparks

Inky’s take: Love can give you wings, or rob you of them.  You will never know which unless you take the leap.

The Irreverent Inky: By the way for me, ‘Leap’ requires – talking, one to one time, interacting, hand holding, blood circulation, breathing, kissing, hugging and if the moment is right, sex.   Virtual is not in my ‘Leap’, dictionary!