The Wolf ‘n Raven


Laying upon a fallen tree the Wolf stretched and yawned, glancing out from his woodland to the open field ahead of him.

‘Why do they a stand there like that?’ he asked gruffly of his Raven friend.

‘Like what?’ She replied as she looked down from her vantage point above him in the branches.

‘All huddled together like that, bleating nonsensical meaningless words. Mindlessly chit chatting about the colour of the grass’ he replied.

‘It’s all that they know my friend’ replied the Raven ‘All they are aware of is what lies within the boundaries of this field, and tomorrow they’ll find themselves in a new field and this one will be forgotten.’

‘It’s not much of a life is it? I’d go mad’ He exclaimed.

‘I agree Wolf, but they feel comfort in the flock, they want to fit in, be liked and feel part of the group.’

The Wolf pondered ‘But they all look the same, none of them stand out..  How do they know one from the other?’

‘They spend their days trying to look the same, they don’t want to stand out, even though beneath the wooly facade they are all of course unique. But they fear if they don’t fit in they will be singled out of the group, victimised, persecuted. Treated as outcasts. Can you see those on the left, the ones permanently jostling for position?’

‘The ones who seem to just be trading places every few moments without actually going anywhere.. Yes. What are they doing?’

‘They are vying for their social position, for attention. They are the ones who want to lead but at the same time want to be safely protected by the flock. They are the ones who seek self definition, and for it to be constantly reinforced by those around them, although they won’t really do anything to put themselves out from the crowd.’

The Wolf frowned, ‘Why ever not?’

The Raven laughed to herself, ‘because they’re the ones who are scared the most of being on the outside, being singled out. They want to be better than all the others without risking being perceived as different.

The Wolf shrugged’ Seems a lot of pointless effort to me, lots of noise and effort, not really getting anywhere or achieving anything with no freedom.. And to what end?’

The Raven sighed ‘The way I see it.. It’s  a monotonous life, simply breeding being the highlight of many of their lives..  And then the lucky ones get eaten.’

The Wolf’s ears pricked up ‘Ah yes.. Food.. That’s why we came here wasn’t it.’

‘Well of course,’ The Raven answered, ‘be sure to pick off an older one or a weaker one,  they’re the ones the others don’t care for anyway. The ones whose absence won’t be noticed. Then we can get back to your cubs and then we can go somewhere new and explore the world in which we live in.’

The Wolf sighed, ‘Can’t we just have relaxing day lounging around?’

‘Of course’ the Raven quickly replied, ‘It’s your choice to be a wolf. With minimal effort you can give up your freedom and join  the sheep if you really  want to.’

‘Hell no!’ The Wolf snapped back. ‘I can’t think of anything worse.’

‘Exactly’ stated  the Raven, ‘neither can I.’

Moments later the Wolf walked back into the forest with a sheep in his jaw as his friend flew over head . His speech muffled ‘I don’t think you’d make a good sheep Raven’ he mumbled.

‘Because I’d miss flying high you mean?’ she posed.

‘No.. I’m not sure the white color would suit you’.

The pair chuckled to one another as they disappeared into their wilderness.

Source: Raven Lockwood

Image: Simon Says Stamp

Inky’s Take: Just a little somethin’,  somethin’ for a cold winter’s day.