Odd stuff..

NemesisA current unknown ‘scientific’ hypotheses is that the sun has a companion which is currently a little over 1.5 light years away, give or take a flash. Apparently it throws things at us every 26 million years accounting for the theoretical mass extinction events.   ‘Scientist’ hypothesize that it’s likely a red or brown dwarf named…  are you sitting?  Death Star, or more prosaically Nemesis.

Feeling down now?  Eat a banana.  The tryptophan and Vitamin B6 get together and make baby Serotonins that declare war on mental depression.

Following on that thought, did you know the state of Utah has the highest consumption of porn per ca pita in the U.S.?

On a lighter note, guess what Shaggy’s (of Scooby Do fame) real name is? Norville Rogers.  Yeah, I’d go with Shaggy too…

Speaking of toons, did you know the man that designed the first artificial heart was the person that voiced the cartoon character Tigger?

By the way,  I wonder who counted the 790 islands of Scotland? Seriously…

Which flows beautifully into one of my fave drinks, Irish Coffee.  (Oi! It’s in the general location) Did you know this ambrosia was invented so the story goes to warm up American plane passengers leaving Ireland. Pure genius!

As was Babe Ruth, who’s first professional home run was hit March 7, 1914 in Fayetteville, NC.

Which is not really too far – as the crow flies – from Wilmington, NC where many TV shows and movies are filmed.  And while there is a well loved battleship called the USS North Carolina, there is no Death Star… at least not without imbibing a few Irish Coffees first.

Photo: unknownskywalker