Mid the masses…


Why are there so many people out here?’ Boomer asked as we bobbed and weaved roughly forward.

‘Christmas shopping.’ I explained.

‘Already? Isn’t it early to returning things?’

I really had no sense of how his mind worked.

Source: David Levithan, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

Photo: @ runningwingtips

Inky’s Take: … I use to be there, points to the above picture, the one in the middle going against the flow?  That was me.

Not this year though, this year it’s a hot toddy, a nice fire, feet up enjoying the weekend before Christmas.  Presents obtained, turkey in the freezer, Glenlivet and wine on hand, tree tinseled, and lights happily flickering along the house’s trim.

How did I manage?  Online shopping, that wonderful little invention that keeps the UPS man and post office very busy while I remain relatively sane and sober.  As Mama always said, ‘If you cant go with the flow’, points to the picture again, ‘then redirect it!’

Only three more shopping days till Christmas!