A Candle..


There’s a road that I remember leading to a special place
Where the door was always open to a smiling face
There’s a picture on the mantle of a boy who looks like me
And it’s always the same, there’s a stocking with my name

And a candle in the window, a flame against the night
There’s a candle in the window, it’s like God’s perfect light
Now it don’t take a lot of money to know what riches are
Just a candle in the window
Oh at Christmas, in your heart, in your heart
Maybe it’s just wishful thinking I can hear the sleigh bells ring
Almost taste the pie Momma’s baking, it’s Christmas Eve

Source: Alabama, Candle in the Window..

Inky’s Wish:  May this holiday season find you filled with happiness.  May Santa fill your stockings with opportunity for dreams to come true, and laughter to spread over the year.  May he hide a gift of comfort to be discovered when needed most, and may he take whatever loneliness that is in residence, with him to be reworked within his factory by his elves into a gift of love and belonging.

Gotta go now, the grandbabies and I are busy out on the lawn with a telescope searching the skies for that wonderful cherub, and his eight reindeer!

Merry Christmas from the Inky household to yours! 

Photo: @visualparadox