What if I’m right?


Sometimes, when you catch someone unaware at just the right time and in just the right light, you can catch sight of what they will be.

Source: Jennifer Donnelly

Picture: found @ wallpaperist

Inky’s Thoughts: So the immediate question is, which am I referring to – the pigeon, or the person holding the air horn?   Yes, it’s ‘only’ a bird.  Yes, there are a million of them flying around.  But does that make it okay?     

Look…  I’m a southern gal that believes with certainty (another story, another time) in reincarnation.  I’ve witnessed the adage; ‘what goes around comes around,’ a lot over the course of my years.  If I, metaphorically speaking, pressed that air horn, I wouldn’t want that bird coming back in my next life as my company CEO!  Worse yet, my spouse.  Sure you can laugh, I hear you.   But, just think about it for a moment…..

…a Good.  Long.  Moment.   Who knows what happens after?  Who does?  I mean really?   So then, it begs the question…. what if I’m right?