..coming home.


Hearts grow hard and weary. Pain spreads, and joy diminishes. Those who hated you hate you still, but those who loved you, or would have loved you, or wanted to love you but never had the chance, are being scraped hollow by a loss they don’t understand. Come home. Please come home. We are withering without you.

Source: Bruce Coville

Image: Petwarehouse.com.au

Inky’s Thoughts: So, I’ve been traveling.

Not the kind that was filled with relaxation, partying, Glenlivet, lots of free time to sight see, shop, and enjoy the company of new and fascinating folk. No, this travel included a huge business contract that required long days, late hours, and weekends spent trying to catch up on sleep so my brain would spark on Mondays.

It also included a tussle with a brown recluse spider that put me out of action for three weeks, hospitalized – far, far from the comfort of, well, anyone.

.. but..

Things are looking up.  A well deserved two week vacation is beckoning with curled fingers and a siren’s song.  My muse has been nagging me relentlessly, my fingers itching to write something more than proposals, and professional emails.   I consider it a date.

I hope the Muse Cat continues to purr, the Glenlivet bottle never empties and my computer isn’t going to give me trouble for being away so long…