For those that haven’t already guessed, I’m whacked.

It’s a well known fact among family and friends, I can’t deny it.   Proof lies below to those who may doubt it, a little something I’m re-posting before I tear down the computer to move….


Forty five-minute commutes are dangerous.  Why?  The mind has the free reign to truly mess with you, like mine did this morning. This was the morning’s dialogue…

<hiking through jungle on hot humid day>

His Heart: <gasp> <gasp> Okay, <gasp> hold on buddy! <blood flow suddenly becomes constricted and Heart Owner has to sit>

His Heart: <trying to get its rate under control> just what are you at, again?!

Heart Owner: <hand on chest muttering rather distractedly>you know, same o.

His Heart: you’ve been listening to that brain of yours again, right?

Heart Owner: well yeah…

His Heart: Man of all the places to get advice!

Heart Owner: well it is ..<sarcastic smile>.. my brain.

His Heart: .. and absolutely incapable of handling my area of expertise. I get all the times before when we came here or the temple, I do. But this is her, H.E.R!

Heart Owner: <rather sadly as his head drops and arms come to rest on his knees> Yea.. so…

His Heart: so? So?! SO! This is so freaking ridiculous.. <picks itself up and begins the long climb upstairs muttering fiercely beneath he’s breath>

<the silence echos of dull footsteps up a long staircase, thud, thud… till finally the chilled luxurious living room of The Brain>

His Heart: Man! turn on the heat!!! <shivers>

His Brain: Why Heart.. how are you doing ole man!

His Heart: <shivers moving away> why the heck are we out in this jungle, again?

His Brain: Gotta get rid of the feelings, you know. < Brain wanders away to the bar and pours himself a brandy>

His Heart: for all the idiots… patience and calmly states> but, this time it’s …. her.

His Brain: <hand stills above the brandy glass>

His Heart: <seizes the opportunity> … sweet, pretty, lovable..

His Brain: <picks up the glass as Heart continues>.. lips that beg to be kissed, killer body, confidence out of the yin yang, and those legs!

His Brain: <stops mid-sip and looks at Heart> the one that sets your rhythm out of whack and the blood flow *ahem* south?

His Heart: <nods> The same one who sends all that Serotonin for you to party with!

His Brain: <sets the glass down with a thunk and starts shoving his friend> Heck Heart!Let’s get out of this damn jungle…

His Heart: <exasperated> You’re the one that operates the legs!

His Brain: Right..

His Heart: Doh!

“The brain is the most outstanding organ. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from birth, that is till you fall in love.”


See I told you, whacked.