more please…


No matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for “Before Coffee”.

Source: Cherise Sinclair

Inky’s thoughts: It’s cold this morning.  How cold you ask?  So cold that the ice melt did nada, except make little dimples in the snow.  I know, I know everyone on the east coast is cold this frigid morning because of the winter storm.  But let me enlighten you, down here in the south that’s not normal.

-2 temperatures before wind chill, not normal. Ice melt that doesn’t melt ice, or snow, not normal.

Getting what I’m trying to say?  Yeah, exactly!  I need more coffee….

One thought on “more please…

  1. Cool mug. 🙂 I’m caffeinated to the hilt here but it’s wild out so going nowhere. Scotland’s weather never knows what it’s doing anway though so everything is kind of normal no matter what it does. Oh, except for sun. When we get that we do wonder a bit. Hope it clears up for you. Meanwhile, there’s always coffee. 🙂


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