desert_bard_by_mscorley-d5s8ifa…came home one day, naked and wounded, having been beaten and cursed by the people who did not wish to hear, while his brother Falsehood went dressed in the brightest garments and feasted with every household.

“What shall I do?” cried Truth to the gods. “No man wishes to hear me and all beat me and throw things at me; look, I am covered with dung.”

“You are naked” said the goddess Maat, sympathetically. “No naked one can command respect. Therefore take these robes and you will walk without fear and all men will sit at your feet to hear your stories.”

And she dressed Truth in Fable’s garments, and he was welcome at every house.
Source: Kerry Greenwood, Out of the Black Land

Image: mscorley

Inky:  Today has been a work day.   Except words have eluded, insistent that today is a holiday and must be respected as such.  Persistent, they scamper from my fingertips in a game of freeze tag, and are resistant to my call.  So I think I will give in and visit Mother Nature in hopes of a nice sit down and a fragrant glass of wine…..

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