A man walks into a coffee shop.


As the man talks across the counter, the coffee guy makes his coffee and sets the cup and saucer between them. But the man doesn’t drink it; he keeps talking, so the coffee gets cold, useless.

The coffee guy pours it out and pulls another, sets it up. The man still can’t stop talking and the next one goes bad too.

So the coffee guy throws that one out, makes another. And this goes on, see?

You may think you’re the coffee guy in the parable, but you’re not —you’re the espresso.

You’re not for you. You’re someone else’s beverage. And God, the coffee guy, he’s going to keep remaking you again and again, as many times as it takes until you’re drinkable.

God’s pulling the shots and he’s got standards.

Source:  Geoffrey Wood, Leaper

Image: The Barista, Angel & Andy Sauer ( the above art was painted totally with pure strong coffee)

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