The Ballad of Meg Dooley…


‘Oi,’ said the boys with a contemptuous spat

At the hag that they called Meg Dooley.

Slowly she turned, gnarled, twisted and stern

Mindful of the crew, unruly.

Behind raged the sea, churning and wild,

Wave tossed and green gleaming.

Before her the boys assured of their toy

Circled loud jeering and screaming.

“Be sure of what you do” said Meg out o’the blue

As the crew circled and laughed in spite.

“For once it is done, it can ne’er be undone

The sin you are intending this night.”

Laughter abound as Meg left the ground

Lifted high above their raucous heads.

Calmly she waited as the wind abated,

And the sea grew still as dead.

“Do it or not” said Meg from above

As the boys arms strained with the load

“Tis nothing to fear,” the leader did sneer

And laughing the boys did explode.

Meg took flight, and hovered mid stride

As the wind once again whipped and howled.

The sea took ahold and gently did fold

Meg’s body beneath its green shroud.

Alone on the shore the boys did ignore the

Waves lapping and gnashing at shoes

When Meg did not appear the boys in fear

Quaked, unsure of what they should do.

“Tis nothing” say one, “stay hushed” the other

As they all watched the waves in hope.

But watch though they may, Meg’s body

Did stay, below, and ne’er did float.

The years they went by, and never they cry

nor speak of that ill-fated day.

Still one by one, the sea revenge took upon

And relentlessly the note they did pay.

Until there he stood before a storm strongly brewed

While at his feet the waves splashed and gave.

He knew it was he that Meg Dooley did need

The last of the murderers to cave.

Head bent in prayer, on this very last day.

Repentant for sins long committed.

And up surged the swell, her voice clear as a bell

Then down and away he submitted.

And as he sunk down, the green gloom surround

All around him his crew did appear

Eternally bound for the sin they compounded

On Meg Dooley that last bitter year.

So list, grandson, to the tale I have spun

And remember the lesson it taught.

Think thrice, before the Meg Dooley’s of life

For what is done can never be unwrought.

Source:  Original by Inky.

Image: HD Wallpaper