For a long time,

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 ….my subconscious rested in a dark place, ticking through memories like a jukebox selecting a record.

Source: Chelsie Shakespeare

Image:  HQ Screen

Inky: last few days have been hard.   Being busy, words eluding me then getting into a fit of writing.  This morning I woke feeling tranquil, it’s been that way all day.   You would think I was bipolar although clinically I’m not they tell me.  It’s the creative process, I’m thinking.  The high of getting something done and good, and the low of not being able to pull it all together.  Tonight, I’m giving myself a rest.  I’m turning off the laptop and going outside.  The stars are calling….

Listening to If I Knew – Bruno Mars

Mood/Doing: quiet…  sitting on the porch steps listening to music, coffee mug in hand, staring at the stars