Its hard to stay up

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Its been a long long day
And you’ve got the sandman at your door.
But hang on, leave the TV on and lets do it anyway.
Its ok.
You can always sleep through work tomorrow. Ok?
Hey, Hey, Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday.

Tell the clock on the wall, “Forget the wake up call.”
Cause the night’s not nearly through.
Wipe the sleep from your eyes. Give yourself a surprise.
Let your worries wait another day.
And if you stay too late at the bar,
At least you made it out this far.
So make up your mind and say, “Let’s do it anyway!”
Its Ok
You can always sleep through work tomorrow, ok?
Hey, Hey, Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday.

Life’s too short to worry about
the things that you can live without
And I regret to say,
the morning light is hours away.
The world can be such a fright,
But it belongs to us tonight.
What’s the point of going to bed?
You look so lovely when your eyes are red.
Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday.

Source: Craig Ferguson

Image: Goran @

Inky: Man I could not sleep last night.  I kept going over work and problems and just could not find the turn off switch to my thoughts.  Unusual for me, normally my head hits the pillow and 15 minutes I’m out till morning.  Last night was totally abnormal.  To top it off, I had ‘The Dream’ again.   I have been having this same dream over and over for the last ten years.   It happens when I least expect it, and even if I wake up when I return to sleep it starts where it stopped.  It has to run it’s course…   I will dream it till it does.   Strange.

It’s not a nightmare, I’m not frightened by it.   I guess I’m bother by it’s frequency, and character…. and just what the heck it’s trying to say to me….

It’s one of two reoccurring dreams, that’s the second.  The first is a true nightmare, and I’ve been having it since I was 16.   It’s changes slightly each time I have it…   frightening so.   The Nightmare, as I call it occurs rarely but when it does, I wake crying, sweating and screaming….

And just like ‘The Dream’  It always starts where I wake and I must finish it….

The mind is a fascinating thing.  Mind is whacked I know it, still…  what. the. heck?

Listening to:  quiet….

Mood/Doing:  tired…   and of course, working.

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  1. I have one or two that recur at intervals. One in particular I really enjoy but the meaning eluded till I recognised the symbols ( or at least my interpretation of them). Sometimes the dream is slightly different but there is a constant. Look for the constant if you can and see how that may be interpreted. The mind is wonderful in showing us, albeit in weird ways, what we need to see.
    Sometimes, right enough, my dreams are just because I ate too late! Message there too. 😉

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