so… probably pink

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Love will drive you insane, but it will never drive you stupid or blind.

He spared a glance at her distressed face and knew it to be a mistake instantly.

He was momentarily arrested because…man, six feet away she was pretty.   Up close like this? Total gut-shot.

Of course, having just seen all of her unmentionables didn’t help matters. Unmentionables.  Whoever came up with that ridiculous term? Underwear that fantastic deserved to be mentioned on a regular basis.

Shit, he wasn’t going to think about her underwear. which, of course, only made him wonder what color she had on under those tight, distressed jeans and that thin T-shirt. Pink? Her outfit was pink. Women often matched their underwear to their outfits. At least that’s been his experience. So…probably pink.

Holy shit! He was not going to think about her underwear!

Quote Mashup: drive insane – Shannon L. Alder, the rest – Julie Ann Walker, Hell on Wheels 

Doing?  Right now?  Working, you know the day job.
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