wine of the universe…


Mystery is the wine of this universe. It makes us dizzy and makes us feel happy! Man needs enigma so that he can get rid of the dullness of the reality!

But conundrum?  Conundrum is just a fun word to repeat over and over again when no one’s listening.  Actual meaning is as puzzling as the need to chant the word.

I’m a conundrum.  Or an enigma.   I forget which.

Quote Mashup:  First paragraph – Mehmet Murat Ildan, 2nd paragraph – Richelle E Goodrich, Last sentence – James A Owens, The Shadow Dragons.
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Listening to:  nothing in particular it’s really quiet this evening.
Doing? Just finished feeding the Muse Cat, wondering what to fix for me.   Prolly nothing, since it hasn’t jumped out at me, and I can’t seem to get the taste buds corralled enough to make a decision.   I’m really missing vacation….