the thing emerged…


Slowly the thing emerged from the gloom of the doorway, and despite the warning I had had, I felt a prickling sensation at the back of my neck just above my collar, and a feeling as of sudden chill ran through my forearms. It was tall, as we had been told, fully six feet from its bare-boned feet to hairless, parchment-covered skull; and the articulation of its skeleton could be seen plainly through the leathery skin that clung to the gaunt, staring bones. The nose was large, high-bridged and haughty, like the beak of a falcon or eagle, and the chin was prominent beneath the brownish sheath of skin that stretched drum-tight across it. The eyes were closed and showed only as twin depressions in the skull-like countenance, but the mummified lips had retracted to show a double line of teeth in a mirthless grin. Its movements were irregular and stiff, like the movements of some monstrous mechanical doll …

Excerpt: The Mummy Walks Among Us, Seabury Quinn
Image: K.H. Wight – isn’t it a great picture?

Listening to:  quiet…  it’s 2 AM here and it’s the first day of one of my favorite months of the year – October.  Shall I tell you why?

  • Fall is coming so that means a/c off, heater not on yet so saving some money on the electric bill always a good thing because
  • Christmas is coming soon have to start shopping for presents…
  • Gotta mention the pumpkins, hayrides and hot cider with a dollop
  • Add to that ghost stories, shivery thrillers, scary movies
  • But the number one in my book: Halloween…  One of my absolutely favorite holidays.

Man I need some sleep….  <yawns>  did I tell you it’s after 2 AM here?