there lives a beautiful princess…


Long eyelashes, soft curly hair
You wear a tinge of smile, as if you like me
The sweet fragrance of your hair
I surprisingly want to protect you until we grow old.
I love to see you throw a tantrum
Love seeing you laugh and be silly
Love seeing you burst into tears when listening to me sing
It’s all a little bit silly and foolish, yet adds up to my happiness.

In your beautiful country, there lives a beautiful princess
Who counts down with the prince, counting all the steps before the end of the world
I am only a nobody, quietly wishing you the best
Standing guard in the dark, protecting your happiness

I am just a nobody, in love with the princess
Standing guard in the dark, protecting her happiness

Lyrics:  A Nobody and the Princess, Ian Chen
Drawing: as noted in upper r-hand corner.  I’ve tried finding the artist, I cannot.  If you know, please email me. inkyspen at g then mail dot com.