we were not wrong…


How I wish to say that we were not in the wrong.
Just that the world is a circle going round.
After going round and round, you realized,
And with time, I have finally understood.
That between us, day by day, those stories that happened
Weren’t discovered in time and everything happened with fear of regrets.
Your wavering face seems to be vanishing with the distance,
Yet still tugs at my heart.

This breeze past my ears reminds me this is not a dream
Seeing everyday as a memory,
Reminds me of how intense this love was, is.
Before the rain ceased,
I yearned to see your face once more.
Your sweet smile, your sweet smile..
Has finally arrived at another’s happy destination.

Lyrics: The End of Happiness, Ding Mo
Image: desktop topography com

Inky: The song resonates with me…   with the past.

Just last night I was lying in bed, you know those moments just before sleep claims you, considering if there is reincarnation, and the ‘what ifs’ of being given the opportunity to come back… would I?  I mean you would have to re-do school, high school, wading through the labyrinths of social pressures, angst, obnoxious gits, lunch room political hijinks, and who is to say that the next time around you would get the same great parents you had in this life?  Oh, and what about re-giving that Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales recitation, prom dresses, the ‘should I’ or ‘shouldn’t I’ dilemma, wild nights and early mornings in college – wait, rewind, that was this past weekend – but still there’s learning Calculus. All. Over. Again.  <painful sigh>

Whoa!  Come back?

If after all the embarrassing, ill fitting, painful, riotous moments of growing up, I could have one more slice of the intense emotions that resonate with those lyrics?  Yes.  Without a second thought.  Of course there is always room for negotiations on the Calculus, right?