three reasons…

Cause every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man….

Inky: Friday nights, ZZ Top, and guys who can make guitars weep.

When I went to buy my new vehicle, I wanted a truck and the salesman in one of those long star states where I was at the time, told me a little lady like me didn’t need a truck, I couldn’t handle it. In fact he had the perfect vehicle for me. The guy handed me a set of keys and pointed to a newly arrived tripped out Mustang.  He suggested I test drive it, and then if I didn’t like it he’d talk to me about a truck.

Talk about miffed! I didn’t go there to buy a Mustang but I needed to get a breath before I exploded on the obnoxious git.  So I took the keys, my friend who was with me and slipped behind the wheel of that Mustang. Key in the ignition the engine rev’vd to life, I put it in reverse, my friend hit the radio button and ZZ Top filled the interior.  Sharp Dressed Man.

<long sigh> You just gotta listen to signs like that, you know?  I left the car lot with that Mustang.

Of course, I also wrote a letter to the manager a day or two later about certain obnoxious gits.  ZZ Top aside, listening to signs is one thing, but this little lady needed to let that git know just what she could handle. Lets just say, he got it.