I don’t paint…


I don’t paint what people expect,  I paint what my heart yearns to express. Some are born to play it safe, others are born to live it wild. Stories are made about girls like that. The wild ones, those rare faces that smile in the midst of chaos.

Mashup Quotes: Nikki Rowe
Image: found at several sites: fashion inspired, Medicare world, dzineblog360 to name a few.  No clue as to who it belongs to, but I love it. If you know email me so I can give credit.

Doing?  Sitting on the front porch, mug of Irish Coffee at my side, studying the stars as I type this post.  It’s slightly chilly (understatement) but the stars are calling.  I love the night it has such a velvet touch, and sweet scent.  In the night anything is possible….

… even magic.