where waves were..

robert duncan

On a day like today
We passed the time away
Writing love letters in the sand
Just like letters on the sand
Where waves were
I feel you’ll disappear to a far off place
I miss you again and miss you more

Mashup lyrics: first three ‘Love Letters in the Sand’ Music by J. Fred Coots lyrics by Nick and Charles Kenny. Remaining lyrics ‘Through the Night‘ Lyrics & music IU.

Image: Robert Duncan

Inky: I didn’t make it to the mountains, I wound up at the shore.  It was beautiful out, warm, and the beach was almost abandoned.  I spent the weekend remembering you, us, and the long hot summer.  I remember the day you drove away, headed up north.

My Mom told me ‘if you love something you have to let it go, if it comes back it is yours.’  So I let you go that summer.  You walked away leaving me facing the water, and I didn’t turn around until the rumble of your old vet faded.

I missed you again this weekend….