plans awry….

thInky: So I’ve been planning this time off of-a-sort for months.  Five days, the plan is to have a huge Saturday yard sale of some really nice stuff.  A hoarder’s treasure dream.  I have everything clean, neat, and ready, everything has been planned right down to the last detail.

With the exception of the annual rain of pollen.

Last two days everything has been covered in yellowish green dust, and my nose has taken off on a marathon of sneezes that could bless the entire state of Texas.  It’s that Murphy’s law thing isn’t it?

Anyway, the show must go on and the stopping of a yard sale right before the final act would be like coitus inter…. well you get my drift.   So I’ve stuffed my money apron full of kleenex, claritin, a flask of bourbon and eye drops.  Last time I took on this type of challenge I wound up with walking pneumonia.

Yeah.  Well.  Here we go….

I’ll be back Monday.   Hopefully…