a girl moment…


All things are possible until they are proved impossible and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.

Observation: Pearl S. Buck
Image: found at flickr

Doing? challenging the impossible to drop the ‘im’.   Windows are all open cause the a/c went out today and they can’t get by till tomorrow, my wine glass is empty; supply emergency requiring getting dressed and heading to the not so near wine store, and the mother of all plot snarls came to visit and tangled up my computer screen.

Now I know in the universal scheme of things, that <waves above> is not a huge thing. Somewhere a planet is fighting off the Gorbecks that want the Stramenium that is the basis of the very planet they reside on. A huge plant busting asteroid is streaking toward a tiny insignificant plant.  The only one in the known universe that holds the one element that would be the answer to Earth’s pollution, and energy problems, and yes here on the home front, people are being people.  But.

Just but.

Okay…  So maybe it’s still not that warm, and I do have my handy dandy plot unsnarler here somewhere, and yes it’s not that far to the wine store still….

It’s a girl moment.  I’m going to scream now….