writing tip: villains


Top tips for villain credibility:

1 – Your villain needs to do exactly what they say they will.

2- Your villain will need to challenge your hero if they are an expert at something. Your hero should have a hard time defeating them.  This will drive the plot, produce conflict.

3- Play on your reader’s real life fears.

4- Give the villain a realistic journey to their villainy.  That journey is important as your hero’s to the story.  They love something.  This will cause the reader to empathise with them, drawing them into the story.

5 – They need positive traits to foil the bad. Core values they need to stick to like glue.

Finally – Everyone sees the villain as bad.  They, however, believe they are good and just. This is the source of their integrity when they fight.  They are invested in what they are doing, what they are fighting for, their belief.

Tips: Sacha Black, 13 Steps to Evil
Image: found at Zastavki

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