writing tip: that perfect time…

snoopyIf you are waiting for that perfect moment to sit down and write the novel you know you have in you, here are three bits of advice you should pay heed to:

1 – Writing is a High-Resistance Activity –  If you are waiting for when the forces are with you to begin your novel you should know there is never going to be a perfect time to write.   Writing take mental, and emotional energy it is a thinking process and there are going to be a lot of things that feel so much easier than writing.

2 – Writing Requires Concentration & Privacy –   Not only contending with finding the time, location turns out to be as important.   A place where you can concentrate and focus is right up there with timing.

3 – Writing is important but not urgent.  To every one but you.  Even if no one else thinks so your writing is important.   It’s part of who you are, happiest when you are writing, miserable when you are not.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect place.  Make a commitment to find that time in each day to write.

Writing Coach: Ali Hale
Toon: Charles Schultz