all days are equal…



Although I understand that all days are equal with 24 hours each, most of us agree that Friday is the longest day of the week and Sunday the shortest!

Observation: DS Mixell
Image: hiveminer

Did you know?  In the 1930’s the US was very close to adopting a 32 hour work week, but the US Government decided instead to follow other countries who were instilling 40 hour work weeks.   That guy?  The one who persuaded our folk to make that rather momentous decision?  I’d like to meet him.   Why?  So I can kick him in both shins!

Doing? listening to Pandora Radio – Lights by Journey – drinking coffee, enjoying the part of each day that is just mine with the exception of today.    Today, I’m sharing with you.

The sun is already up and golden.  The porch swing is creaking as I push it back and forth with one foot.  The other is crooked beneath me, as I lean back and draw deep of the breeze coming through the yard from offshore.   Somewhere an owl is singing a lullabye, and the displaced cats who call the abandoned house next door home, are beginning to slink out from under the fence eyeing me in unrealistic hope.  Not now.   This is my time.

The fire trucks from the nearby station are waking, and moving out for their morning ritual.  Soon bells, whistles and siren tests will sound signaling my moment is over and I will have to head in to shower.  But for right this second, a bee is buzzing lazily near my roses and the warmth of my coffee mug is filling my hand.   It is still my time.