For those I come from, there is nothing more devouring than the feeling of want for home, the feeling of need for home. We are all waiting for a form of transport, a ship, a saucer to carry us out of the too-dark night.

In Tune: Hanna Assadi
Image: found at shout.co

Doing: So the bathroom repair is coming along.  The entire floor pulled up, new joists in place, new shower purchased, new flooring and a carpenter with a big hammer who knows his stuff.

But I feel out of whack.  I miss the comfort of my home. Where I am staying is nice, very nice, but it’s not home.   Another week or so I’m being told.

Am I whining?   You bet your boots I am.   I feel like the nuts and bolts are coming loose, I hear them rattling and pinging to the ground.  I’m not writing and it’s driving me crazy…

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