why I write…


Toon: Grant Snider

Inky:  It’s the end of week two of h.e.l.l.  My house is part of that equation, but not the biggest.  The biggest by far is the day job.   Over zealous expectations,  unreasonable deadlines, and sandbox politics have been rampant these last two weeks.  Then there is the serving of three masters to add, all with differing goals, visions, and expectations. Exhausting.

I have returned to the place I’m staying every evening and asked the cosmos, ‘what is it? If this is not what, or where you want me to be then show me, tell me what it is you wish me to be doing?’   So far, no reply.

Chucking the day job is the dream, but there is the need to eat, my adventures, gas for Emily (my car), and of course right now construction costs.  So the dream lives for the moment.

Writing is my solace.  It always has been through the years.   It lets me leave it all behind and live in the world of my own creation.   It is my escape.  You could say, I write to save what little sanity I have left.   It would be the truth.