literary agents: Ellenberg

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The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agents

Looking for: 

Commercial fiction: thrillers, mysteries, children’s, romance, women’s fiction, ethnic, science fiction, fantasy, and general fiction.

Literary fiction: must have a strong narrative.

Nonfiction: current affairs, history, health, science, psychology, cookbooks, new age, spirituality, pop-culture, adventure, true crime, biography and memoir.

Will review other genres and topics as long as the material is for a trade or general audience and not scholarly.

They do not represent poetry, short stories, or screenplays.

“We accept unsolicited manuscripts and seriously consider all submissions, including those from first time writers. ”

Submission Guidelines


Inky Note:  A new category – On occasion Inkyspen will provide information on literary agents looking for writers, established or new.

By listing an agent here, Inkyspen is not recommending or establishing the agent’s integrity or representative website’s veracity!  We have not researched the agent as with everything, you must do your own research.

Know that:
– a real literary agent will never ask you for a fee up front.
– Be sure to read the submission guidelines, and follow them religiously.

Above all, good luck!