'Don't make me come back there!' Time machine future/past.

My Muse told me he is classified as an ‘Agent of Fortune’.  He is a Traveler who is tasked with inspiring and influencing his person, ‘me’, to make beneficial decisions to their spiritual and physical futures.

He went on to say that as the legend goes, the male muse is cursed because he has seen or been to the future and knows what will happen. Even so he cannot make his person choose the right thing, or make the right decision.  He can only hope to steer me along the right path.

Quirks range from time not affecting them as it does others causing them to phase in and out, sometimes in social situations and the tendency to be irritatingly positive in the worst of situations.

– crickets chirping –

Well it sounded good three bourbons ago….

Definition of ‘male muse’: found in the Urban Dictionary, seriously
Image: Cartoon Stock