echoing dunes….

giovedì, luglio 21, 2011I thought of you and how you love this beauty,
And walking up the long beach all alone
I heard the waves breaking in measured thunder
As you and I once heard their monotone.

Around me were the echoing dunes, beyond me
The cold and sparkling silver of the sea —
We two will pass through death and ages lengthen
Before you hear that sound again with me.

Poem: Sara Teasdale
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Inky: .. got back last night.  I was having a blast yesterday until it began to snow.  Figured I might as well come on home.   Still, I did manage to wash away dregs of the dream in the sea, and sand…

where have I been?


Inky:  Last day of vacation, tomorrow signals a return to reality.   Where have I been?  Somewhere very similar to the above.  No phones, no folk, no computers.   It was wonderful.

Today it’s raining, and I’m snuggled in my easy chair watching science channel, soup bubbling on the stove.   Tomorrow will be time enough to think about alarms, and early mornings…